Voici l’ensemble de la discographie de Scent Of Flesh dans leur ordre chronologique de parution:

Drowned into the Darkness - Première Démo de Scent of Flesh

Drowned into the Darkness Demo´01

Cover art by Ville Rossi

1. Drowned into the Darkness
2. Feed the Greed
3. Cemetery Fields
4. Nightly (instrumental)

Toward Eternal Lost - seconde demo de Scent Of Flesh

Towards Eternal Lost Demo´01

Cover art by Matti Viisainen

1. Dark Years of Carnage
2. Rotten, Shattered, Burned and Spoiled
3. Towards Eternal Lost

Roaring Depths of Insanity - 1er album de Scent of Flesh

Roaring Depths of Insanity CD´03

Cover art by Ariadni Zervou
1. Cursed to Suffer
2. Eternity in Torment
3. Dark Years of Carnage
4. Witness my Madness
5. Drowned into the Darkness
6. Rotten, Shattered, Burned and Spoiled
7. Feed the Greed
8. Beneath the Tombstones
9. Towards Eternal Lost
10. Reign in Violent Perfection

Valor In Hatred - Second album du groupe Scent Of Flesh

Valor in Hatred CD´04

Cover art by Helgorth, Babalon Graphics
1. Valor in Hatred
2. Art of Beheading
3. Circle of Dark Beliefs
4. Visions of Death
5. Descent to Dark Clarity
6. Unleashed be the Ungodly
7. Suicidal Cannibalism
8. The Last Awakening

Become Malignity - EP

Become Malignity EP´05

Cover art by Helgorth, Babalon Graphics
1. Become Malignity
2. All Flesh to Consume
3. Our own Archnemesis
4. Second Awakening

Deform In Torture - troisième et dernier album de Scent of Flesh

Deform in Torture CD´07

Cover art by Matti Viisainen, Illustravage
1. Living but Stillborn
2. At the Stake of Mercy
3. Deform in Torture
4. Last Act of Power
5. Relentless Hands
6. Delusions of Deity
7. One Holy Truth
8. Our Own Archnemesis